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All Weather Quick Mounting Systems and Accessories

Do you need a system that will survive from the bottom of the ocean, to the top of an Arctic mountain or standing in a acid or alkali waste water settling pond or even a boiling hot geothermal pool, doing environmental monitoring, maybe not, but it is nice to know that your equipment can handle it. We have systems designed to handle these types of environments and the harsh trips to get there. They also work just fine in the conditions in your back yard. With our modern production and manufacturing technology, you can have extreme reliability and portability without paying extreme prices.


Solar Finder / Sun Finder

The Double Double Mounting System

A Paradigm Shift in the way you mount your finder or guide scope

No more tube rings or Tools

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Look Here Device

Designed for Star Parties

LHD’s are (free USA shipping) call or click to order

Mounting Systems and accessories

Dyna Pier Angle
for Handicapped use
Quick Mount Floor Plate
Dyna Pier Adjustable
Dyna Pier 1300
Quad Brach

Dyna Cradle DC-100
Post Pod 150
Post Pod ETX
Dyna Rail ETX
Post Pod with a Pronto

Helio Pods
Post Pod
Dyna Rail ETX
Piece Pod 1 HTR
Piece Pod 4 HTR

All Weather Quick Mounting Systems and Accessories
Designed for Permanent Outdoor Installation
Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Photographic Equipment, Video Equipment, and other Scientific Instruments
Used by Astronomers, Bird Watchers, Undersea Monitoring, Security, Construction Site Monitoring, Time lapse Photography or just sitting on your deck watching the world go by

Available in Brushed Stainless Steel and Black Powder Coat