Observing System # 1


OS-1’s have evolved out of the custom kits we have been making for people for a long time.
We have added the favorite items most people need and want and combined them with a custom fitted hard case.

We start with a Storm case IM-2500 with a custom made foam insert system to hold all the accessories.
This is possibly the strongest commercially available case, and easy to carry with it’s soft grip handle.
It is the largest case that the airlines allow as a carry-on item, and it can double as a seat with a back, as it has wheels and a retractable handle. Something I have found very useful when viewing or waiting in line at the airport.
It is available in either Black or Yellow

We then add all the “Goodies”

Let me know if you think we forgot something.


The most import parts-
The Telescope and Eyepieces

Model OS-1-TeleVue

All the “Goodies” plus:

Model OS-1-Orion

All the “Goodies” plus:

OK, You like the Kit, but already have some of the stuff in or or you want different “Stuff”

Then call us and we will mix and match a kit to your exact specifications


But I am an Astro Imaging person, and I want something different

Then you want an OS-I imaging system
The technology for imaging is changing at a fantastic rate. Last month’s dream system, is this month’s ancient history

So we gave up even trying to make a Standard Package.
Call us and we will build, assemble and test your dream system and because you are getting it all from one supplier, we can offer substantial saving. You also only have one number to call for support!
We will even install and configure the software packages that you want.

IF you are looking for something with mounting included, call and ask about OS-2’s