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The Helio-Pod Solar Finder
The easiest way to find the Sun

Solar Finder for Solar Telescopes, Telescopes fitted with Solar filters or

Binoculars, Spotting scopes, Cameras or just about any Optical device fitted with Solar filters

It is the Easiest and Simple Way to find the Sun

No tools, No glue, No screws. It is held in place by a small adjustable Bungee cord

For Tubes 1" to 8" in diameter (200mm) or larger with the HP2-B model

Takes only seconds to install or remove. Lightweight, versatile, portable

 It is the only Solar Finder that would be approved by Alvan Clark and John Brashear as it will not scratch your Antique Telescope

Fits TeleVue, Takahashi, Meade, Celestron, Orion, ETX, Bushnell and most other brands of telescopes.

Great for Solar Eclipses, and other solar events such as Transits of Mercury

Made in the USA

Click here for Video Demonstration of Helio-Pod Solar Finder

Model HP-2

For tubes up to
8" or 200mm
in diameter
USA Delivery

Free shipping
Domestic / USA

Model HP-2-B

For tubes up to
16" or 400mm
in diameter
USA Delivery

Free shipping
Domestic / USA

Model HP-2-I

For tubes up to
8" or 200mm
in diameter
Int. Delivery

Canadian and International
price includes extra shipping

Model HP-2-B-I

For tubes up to
16" or 400mm
in diameter
Int. Delivery

Canadian and International
price includes extra shipping

The difference between the regular model and the "B" models come with longer Bungee cord
If you are not in the USA, order the International Models
The Model 1 is no longer available

Special Limited Edition Mr. Eclipse, Fred Espenak signed Helio-Pod!!!

Recently, I spent some time with Fred Espenak, "Mr. Eclipse"
He was kind enough to sign 10 Helio-Pods. There are currently 4 left.
I am giving them away Free, but there is a catch
What better way to view an eclipse than with the help of a Fred Espenak signed solar finder!
Call us at 800-336-9054 for details.

The Catch
Three years ago, my wife, Judy Allen lost her battle with cancer.
The folks at Dana Farber Cancer Institute went beyond the call of duty for us.
In Judy's memory, and to support the amazing things DFCI is doing in the fields of cancer research and patient care,
we will send one free Limited Edition Helio-Pod (includes shipping) to anyone donating $50.00 or more.
This link will walk you through the process www.dana-farber.org/How-to-Help/Memorial-and-Tribute-Gifts.aspx
Please mark your gifts "In memory of Judy Allen".


DO NOT look directly into or near the sun.
It can result in irreversible eye damage. Do not use any telescope or other device that is not specifically designed for solar viewing. Looking directly at the sun or through a unfiltered instrument can result in permanent eye damage and loss of vision.

How to use the Helio-Pod Model 2 and 2 B (Big), to find the Sun
You look for a spot on the Helio Pod's Target and not at the Sun
How to Install your Helio-Pod
Set up your solar telescope.
Squeeze the cable lock, and gently pull it away from the Helio-Pod.
Slide the Pod over your telescope with the disk without a cross hair towards the sun.
Squeeze the lock, and tighten the bungee cord so the Helio-Pod is on the telescope tube. It does not have to be too tight.

How to Use
The hole in the first disk casts a bright spot on the second disk.
Adjust the angle of your telescope until the spot in centered on the cross hairs.
You may need to add an offset for calibration.

Click here for manual

Click here for Video Demonstration of Helio-Pod Solar Finder

User Gallery

Oh... That's easy peasy.

Roxanne B., Clemson, SC

It arrived today, works a treat

Chris H., New Braunfels, TX

I got my first chance to use the Helio-Pod this morning. It performed wonderfully.
I nailed the sun in under one minute...much better than the paper technique. Calibration was trivial.

John A., NYC

Barbara A., Kim J., Emma J.

Worked great. Made setup time much shorter and easier.
Permitted in-eclipse aiming on tripod mounted cameras without hunt-and-pecking around the sky, looking for the sun in a awkwardly oriented Live View or Finder.

Walt W., Hiawassee, GA

I had been trying for some time figure out how to adapt Tele Vue's Sol Searcher similar finder to my Celestrons. Thankfully I didn't buy and experiment with the number of hardware possibilities I was looking at. When I found your site, I found exactly what I was looking for. Today I had the chance to try it out. I attached it in seconds, put on my glass solar filter, and aimed the Celestron 5 toward the sun. In less than a minute I was viewing. I was amazed that the sun was exactly centered in the concentric circles of the finder and perfectly centered in the telescope at 52X.

James J., Northfield, MN

From our friends at The 2017 South Carolina Total Solar Eclipse Team
This is why we go to see Eclipses

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